Monday, April 26, 2010

NBA Playoffs

These NBA playoffs have been Amazing and I think that the biggest upset series is the Jazz-Nuggets.
After last nights disappointing loss, they are down 3-1 in the series and the miracle run for George Karl is soon to be over. Yet it pains me to watch Carmelo average over 32 points per game and have them be down in the series. They need Billups to step up, J.R. Smith to step up, and the bench to actually put more than 20 up on the scoreboard.

In the Spurs-Mavs series, the Spurs had the mental edge in game 4, causing many arguments and a technical foul on Dirk Nowitzki. And by winning game 4, the Spurs showed that they are not a team centered only around Tim Duncan's performance, as he only had 4 points and 11 rebounds. Their whole starting lineup with the exception of Duncan put up huge numbers (all in double figures) last night, especially the newcomer George Hill who put up 29 points on 11 of 16 shooting.

In the Heat-Celtics game, I still think that because of the Celtics being a win away will go on to the next round, but when D-Wade wants to score, he puts up numbers. His 46 point-5 rebound-5 assist night was pretty helpful for the Heat who still just barely pulled away from Boston. There is not much to say about this because I have a strong feeling that Boston will win tomorrow night with ease.

In the Cavaliers-Bulls game, Lebron James is another superstar who could not be stopped on Sunday. His amazing 37-12-11 game proved that he his up to Kobe's level. His 42 foot jump shot looked like he put as much strength into it as a foul shot. That guy has muscles. And I am routing for Cleveland now because of Joakim Noah's stupid trash talk about Cleveland. "What is there to do in Cleveland?" I don't live there, but I'm pretty sure that it's a booming place now that they have a championship-calibur team. When was the last time Chicago had that? Oh yeah. When Jordan was there. And he isn't anymore.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My Draft Picks 1-16

Here is my NFL Mock Draft Top 16 Picks
1. Sam Bradford- St. Louis Rams
2. Ndamukong Suh- Detriot Lions
3. Gerald McCoy- Tampa Bay Buccaneers
4. Russell Okung- Washington Redskins
5. Eric Berry- Kansas City Chiefs
6. Bruce Campbell- Seattle Seahawks
7. Kyle Wilson- Cleveland Browns
8. Bryan Baluga- Oakland Radiers
9. Trent Williams- Buffalo Bills
10. Earl Thomas- Jacksonville Jaguars
11. Rolando McClain- Denver Broncos
12. Derrick Morgan- Miami Dolphins
13. Joe Haden- San Francisco 49ers
14. Dan Williams- Seattle Seahawks
15. C.J. Spiller- New York Giants
16. Brandon Graham- Tennessee Titans

Monday, April 19, 2010

NBA Basketball

My Picks for the Second Round are as follows:
Denver-Utah: Denver in five. Utah has too many injuries.
Lakers-Thunder: Lakers in five. Thunder doesn't have enough experience. In years to come they will.
Dallas-Spurs: Dallas in five. Dallas will snag a game in San Antonio and win the series back home.
Suns-Portland: Suns in seven. The Blazers will pester and pull away with some wins, but Stoudamire will be too much for the Portland big men.

Cleveland-Bulls: Cleveland in five. The Bulls may take the game tonight by the looks of it now, but I think that Cleveland can do it easily.
Celtics-Heat: Heat in six. After KG's suspension, the Celtics will be out of sync and throw some needed games away.
Orlando-Charlotte: Orlando in six. Charlotte may put up a fight with Wallace, but Superman is too much.
Milwaukee-Atlanta: Atlanta in five. Just like the Thunder, the Bucks will find the playoff rhythm in years to come.


Sorry i was gone my computer wasnt working, and I have a lot to catch up on, including my joy over watching the Blue Devils conquer the way of the Bulldogs in the end.

College Basketball:
Biggest Upsets:
Ohio over G'town: In this game, although Austin Freeman only had nine points, it was not the lack of scoring from Georgetown. It was the overpowering of Ohio and their offensive abilities. Armon Bassett led the Bobcats with 32 points, and was dominating down the stretch to pull away. Also, contributing was D.J. Cooper with 23 points and DeVaughn Washington with 12 points and 10 boards. Overall, the Ohio offense was too much for the Georgetown defense and although Ohio would lose to Tennessee in the next round, they definitely went farther then anybody expected.

Saint Mary's over Villanova: The way Nova's season ended, nobody really expected them to go that far, but people expected better then this. The round of 32? Many people thought too early for the Wildcats. They allowed Omar Samhan to dominate down low, giving up 32 points and 7 boards to the big man. Scottie Reynolds finished 2-11 shooting with only 8 points. Not a good way to go out as a senior, although Saint Mary's got crushed by Baylor in the next round.

Georgia Tech over Oklahoma State: People may not think of this as an upset, with Dino Gaudio actually moving to the Round of 32 not being a surprise for many. But Oklahoma State has James Andersen, who was one of the most versatile players in the country, and he was held to 11 points, on 3-12 shooting.  Yet the Cowboys played good defense too, only allowing Gani Lawal to 14 points and holding Iman Shumpert to 9. Not a strong game by OKST.

West Virginia over Kentucky: I kept saying to friends that Duke had a shot at the title but that we would lose to Kentucky in the Final Four. When the WVU-UK match-up was set, I was sure to have a Duke-UK Final Four showdown. Frankly, I was afraid. But as I kept checking on my phone, WVU just would not give up the lead, thanks to De'Sean Butler, Joe Mazzulla and Kevin Jones, who combined for a 48 points and 15 rebounds. They carried the team over Kentucky, and held Eric Bledsoe to 7 points and Patrick Patterson to 8.

Now what I think about the Duke win may be different then what you readers think, because I bet that the majority of you despise Duke. But, you have to give them some credit. They beat three tough teams, and blew one of them out with ease. A 7 point win over Baylor, a 21 point win over West Virginia, and a 2 point win over Butler. And in two of those games, one of their "Big Three" was having an off game. In the Baylor game, Kyle Singler had 5 points and went 0-10 from the field. In the Butler game, Nolan Smith had 12 points and went 5-18 from the field. Yet when one was down, the other two filled in. When Singler had the bad game, Smith had 29 and Scheyer had 20 points. When Smith had the bad game in the title game, Singler had 19 points and Scheyer had 15. I am happy to say that I can be a proud Duke fan, and that my pick for next year is a repeat, especially if Singler decides to stay. Duke has  Kyrie Irving, Joshua Hairston, Tyler Thornton, and Carrick Felix coming to the team next year.

WVU over Kentucky