Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Big East-ACC-SEC tournament picks

Big East-
Yes, everyone has it that Syracuse is a lock for the tournament win, and they are right. Syracuse is definitely a lock for the win because of their different skills at every point in the game. They have Rautins for the outside game, and Onuaku and Joseph to control the boards and inside game. Scoop Jardine can bring the ball up the court, looking for Rautins coming off of screens to hit from downtown, or dish it down low to Joseph. I am going to the game on Friday, and after an easy third win of the season against Georgetown, I will get to see them play either Marquette or Villanova. Don't count Marquette out of this game, because when Scottie Reynolds gets cold, Villanova is one of the weakest teams in the Big East, and an example of that was on Senior Day, against West Virginia. Syracuse has the calibur to easily take down both of those teams, except maybe Marquette could sneak in some problems.

ACC- As you all may know, I am a Duke fanatic. But that is NOT the reason why I am picking them to win the ACC tourney. I am picking them because there are no teams that have the momentum nor the skill level to keep up with the Blue Devils. Duke's next game will be against either Virginia or BC, and Duke has beaten both of those teams twice already. Virginia is a mediocre team without Sylven Landesburg, and this is just not BC's year. They don't have any quality players besides Joe Trapani, and it is not that hard to double team him. After that, I would guess that Duke would be playing Virginia Tech, which would definitely pose a threat to the Blue Devils, but if Nolan Smith and Jon Scheyer hold down the perimeter game, they could maybe hold him to 6-10 points under his average. But that would also mean that if he was to get inside, Thomas, Zoubek and the Plumlee brothers would have to play smart and not foul.

SEC- With what is left of the SEC, I would have to say that Kentucky is almost a lock to become the Champion, the only team that could possibly stand in the way of that is Tennessee, who the Wildcats already lost to once. But if J.P. Prince really steps up and puts up more than 15 points, they definitely have a chance. Wall and Cousins should both have over 15 points, and if both have over twenty then Kentucky has the trophy in their hands for sure.

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