Monday, September 20, 2010

Week 2 NFL Football: Jets, Giants, and a little bit of Eagles.

New York Jets: Frankly, when I saw the first quarter of the game against the New England Patriots this past Sunday, I turned the game off because I did not want to see another offensive breakdown on the Jets' offense's part. 5 yards in the first half. They didn't even move the length of my bedroom in fifteen minutes of playing time. That is pretty pathetic. So as I pushed myself to turn the game on with 7 minutes left in the Second Quarter, I saw that the Jets were driving, and almost in the red zone. So I kept it on, and I saw Mark Sanchez throw a perfect pass to the tall Braylon Edwards, who brought it down with what looked like ease, and as he celebrated, he let his personality take him over as he was called for unsportsmanlike conduct (rubbing the touchdown in the defensive players' face). But that's ok. I like those calls. They give momentum to the scoring team.
The Jets never stopped from there. They gave up one more touchdown with 53 seconds left in the half, and I thought they would be down a touchdown by halftime. But I was wrong. After the 52 second drive that produced a 49 yard field goal by Nick Folk, I was extremely pleased with the way Mark Sanchez had drove the ball down the field, and knew that he would come out in the second half on fire. And I was right. The Jets offense kept driving the ball, and the defense kept pressuring Brady into forcing passes, and two second half interceptions which is definitely not Brady-like. And before you knew it, the Jets were kneeling it down with the time ticking down under ten seconds, and Rex Ryan had a smile on his face.
Three things I liked about this game:
1. Mark Sanchez never gave up, even when he was frustrated in the first half.
2. When Darelle Revis got hurt, Antonio Cromartie really picked up the slack and lifted the team defensively.
3. LaDanian Tomlinson is back to his old, pro bowl self, which should make every Jet fan happy.

New York Giants:
Now, on a more sorrowful note, the Giants looked completely awful last night. And I thought that part of it was because Brandon Jacobs was not played. They played Danny Ware over him. An undrafted, third year player over the man who was the best running back in the league a few years ago. I do not agree with that. And I know, Jacobs has knee problems but still. He has the power. I like Tom Coughlin as the coach, but either him or the offensive coordinator made a big mistake Sunday night. Jacobs has the potential to still be a quality running back. And now, because of the lack of playing time he is getting, he has requested a trade as of today. Nice job Giants. I don't think i'm in the mood to talk about the rest of that horrific night. Good luck in the future, Giants running game.

Philadelphia Eagles: Now, I don't really like the Eagles, but the reports I heard today just shocked me and made me angry at one person: Andy Reid. Michael Vick played his heart out on Sunday, and with help from LeSean McCoy pulled the Eagles away from the Detroit Lions, 35-32. Now, before I talk about Vick, I just want to give McCoy credit for skillfully picking up 120 yards and 3 TDs. Vick threw for 284 yards, ran for another 37, and had a passer rating of 108. That is pretty good. Good enough to keep yourself from being benched the next week, right? Wrong (according to Andy Reid). Reid said today that the previously concussed Kevin Kolb would be starting next week. I'm not going to criticize, but just ask the Philadelphia Eagles fans and Detroit Lions who they think should start next week. I think you will have the correct answer.

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