Monday, April 19, 2010

NBA Basketball

My Picks for the Second Round are as follows:
Denver-Utah: Denver in five. Utah has too many injuries.
Lakers-Thunder: Lakers in five. Thunder doesn't have enough experience. In years to come they will.
Dallas-Spurs: Dallas in five. Dallas will snag a game in San Antonio and win the series back home.
Suns-Portland: Suns in seven. The Blazers will pester and pull away with some wins, but Stoudamire will be too much for the Portland big men.

Cleveland-Bulls: Cleveland in five. The Bulls may take the game tonight by the looks of it now, but I think that Cleveland can do it easily.
Celtics-Heat: Heat in six. After KG's suspension, the Celtics will be out of sync and throw some needed games away.
Orlando-Charlotte: Orlando in six. Charlotte may put up a fight with Wallace, but Superman is too much.
Milwaukee-Atlanta: Atlanta in five. Just like the Thunder, the Bucks will find the playoff rhythm in years to come.

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