Monday, April 26, 2010

NBA Playoffs

These NBA playoffs have been Amazing and I think that the biggest upset series is the Jazz-Nuggets.
After last nights disappointing loss, they are down 3-1 in the series and the miracle run for George Karl is soon to be over. Yet it pains me to watch Carmelo average over 32 points per game and have them be down in the series. They need Billups to step up, J.R. Smith to step up, and the bench to actually put more than 20 up on the scoreboard.

In the Spurs-Mavs series, the Spurs had the mental edge in game 4, causing many arguments and a technical foul on Dirk Nowitzki. And by winning game 4, the Spurs showed that they are not a team centered only around Tim Duncan's performance, as he only had 4 points and 11 rebounds. Their whole starting lineup with the exception of Duncan put up huge numbers (all in double figures) last night, especially the newcomer George Hill who put up 29 points on 11 of 16 shooting.

In the Heat-Celtics game, I still think that because of the Celtics being a win away will go on to the next round, but when D-Wade wants to score, he puts up numbers. His 46 point-5 rebound-5 assist night was pretty helpful for the Heat who still just barely pulled away from Boston. There is not much to say about this because I have a strong feeling that Boston will win tomorrow night with ease.

In the Cavaliers-Bulls game, Lebron James is another superstar who could not be stopped on Sunday. His amazing 37-12-11 game proved that he his up to Kobe's level. His 42 foot jump shot looked like he put as much strength into it as a foul shot. That guy has muscles. And I am routing for Cleveland now because of Joakim Noah's stupid trash talk about Cleveland. "What is there to do in Cleveland?" I don't live there, but I'm pretty sure that it's a booming place now that they have a championship-calibur team. When was the last time Chicago had that? Oh yeah. When Jordan was there. And he isn't anymore.

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